“When you lose your laugh you lose your footing.”

Is your relationship not quite what you expected?

Is it feeling stale and uninteresting? Are you looking for more in your relationship? Are you in a life transition such as having children, becoming an empty-nester, work transition, health issues?

These situations often require an examination of existing habits, practices and behaviors for new life situations.

How would it be for you to be more independent within your relationship? To insure balance in power and money? To live in the fire and passion that you deserve? To be fully supported as a unique individual inside of an intimately close relationship? To use your relationship as path of personal development?

The same underlying principles applies to Ecosomatic Relationship Coaching as to Individual Coaching. One way to think about relationships is the coming together and blending – not merging – of two individuals. Living a generative relationship offers us things like:

  • Increased personal satisfaction, fun, and happiness in life
  • The opportunity to love and be loved, be seen, and be appreciated
  • The possibility of family and community
  • Sharing a spiritual life
  • Personal development through the relationship
  • Generative conflict

Ecosomatic Relationship Coaching
is a process of personal development and responsibility, and skillful living related to things like communication, conflict, power, commitment, trust, and play. It begins with an understanding of what each individual brings to the relationship, both useful and limiting; and, the reshaping is directly related to the wants and desires of both people. This process lives in the container of the “nature” of the relationship; and in the creation, awakening, and enlivening of an aware, awake, and alive generative relationship.

My partner, Madeline, and I have been in relationship since 1978. Our specialty is The Art and Mastery of the Long Lasting Relationship. You can read our blog on The 12 Aspects of a Heathy, Generative Relationship here

You can see us on video talking about relationships here

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Typical results from this work

I have worked with thousands of people over the years with a wide variety of challenges and desires. Here is a sampling of results.

  • I’ve helped people to reshape their Self/Body, producing a body of invitation and an opening for relationship and partnership. This work has led to many long-term relationships and marriages.
  • I’ve helped people repair their primary relationships, many of whom are still together and thriving today. (I’ve had the honor of performing four wedding ceremonies, two of them shared with my spouse, Madeline)
  • I’ve helped people find their calling and purpose; and supported them to declare and embrace the future they are looking for.
  • I’ve helped people establish a workable and healthy work/life balance — a priority of nearly everyone I’ve worked with.
  • I’ve helped people smoothly and gracefully transition into new leadership positions and careers.

I have been in relationship with my life partner for 36 years. Since about 1990, we have used our relationship as a path for our individual, collective and spiritual growth. I bring this wealth of life experience and practice to my work with you.

There is also an opportunity for us to work with you couple to couple. My partner, Madeline Wade, is a powerful somatic coach and has worked with individuals since 1998.

“Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can’t figure out what from.” ― Mae West

Coaching sessions for couples

Individual sessions: Sessions are scheduled individually. Each session is approximately 1 1/2 hours and reciprocation happens per session. Sliding scale offered.

Multi-session series: A number of sessions, 6 to 12, are purchased at the beginning of the series. Within this number of sessions, a promise for a certain process of change will be made. Sliding scale offered.

Integrated approach: In the integrated approach, a time period such as six months to one year it is chosen for our work together. Specific, so this will be made for the time period. This could include, phone or Skype calls, and in-person hands-on sessions could be included.

Tandem coaching: In this structure, we work couple to couple. We work with you individually as well as together, bringing both the masculine and feminine perspective to this arrangement to further and enrich your relationship. The structure for this may include any or all of the above.

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Free Initial Consultation

Is life requiring something different from you? If you would like to explore how ecosomatic coaching can help you more gracefully transform and embody change, let’s talk. I offer a free initial consultation — no strings attached.


To further positive change and aliveness in individuals, couples, and organizations for the sake of abundance for all life.

“You're alive only once, as far as we know, and what could be worse than getting to the end of your life and realizing you hadn't lived it?”
― Edward Albee



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