Are you ready to have a different life?

Do you want to have more depth, have a greater sense of freedom, create work/life balance in a sustainable way? Do you want to change the outcomes of your personal interactions to help further your goals both professionally and personally?

What would your life be like if you were able to create positive attractions for yourself? What would happen if you became less reactive and more able to respond to stimulating situations in a positive, generative way?

Somatics comes from the Greek word soma, meaning life of the body in its fullness. When we say body we mean our thinking (cognitive abilities), our feelings (moods, emotions and our “felt sense” of the world around us), and the life and sensation that runs and streams throughout our bodies. So in essence we take into account all of who we are. It is by working on all these levels together that sustainable change can happen.

Should you decide Ecosomatic coaching is for you, we will look at how historical experiences define you. This reveals how your history organizes you as a possibility and success, and how our history has also produced our limitations. You can move toward the realization of a new future by redefining and reshaping ourselves somatically, loosening the grip of the past, learning how to manage limitations, getting control over our automatic limiting reactions, and patterning in new behaviors and habit. You can do this by managing your limitations and building on your strengths.

Once the grip of your historical past is loosened, the opportunity for new actions and new habits comes to form. To sustain these new behaviors and habits related to the change you’re looking for, we will define new practices and actions for the future.

Very often, historical shaping leaves a legacy of negative self-esteem and emptiness on some level. Somatic coaching helps to enhance an ongoing positive sense of self, so that people may build stronger relationships and partnerships and be able to live more deeply into the world.

Ecosomatic coaching will allow you to re-shape your destiny, to act differently in a positive way in your life, and to enter into a more satisfying and fulfilled life. This somatic methodology has its origins and roots in the work of Richard Strozzi-Heckler and Strozzi Institute. Richard Strozzi-Heckler has been my teacher in somatics for over 25 years.

So how does Nature align with somatics? If somatics is a process of wholeness, then accepting and living the natural world as who we really are is part of the process of change. The deeper we feel ourselves energetically, the more deeply we are connected to the “big energy” of nature. There is no real separation of ourselves energetically and everyone and everything else. We “feel” other people. After a bit of time in nature, we begin to “feel” and are truly affected by our surroundings. E. O. Wilson in his book Biophelia reveals our how humanness is directly derived from and remains a part of the natural world. That already existing connection is just waiting to be reawakened. Fully living our humanness is both awakening our individual soma, and our collective connection to the natural world – an Ecosomatic awakening.

Having fun and being playful.

One of the more missing elements in modern life is the skill of having fun, to be able to play and be silly. Sometimes we stray from the generative aspects of our living, and the stresses and difficulties of life will suck all the fun out of us. Life is hard — no question about that, all the more reason to bring fun and play into your life. This doesn’t detract from when and where we are required to be serious. It speaks to the necessity of balancing ourselves into the practice of having fun both as events (let’s go have fun!!) at particular times, and having fun as an underlying platform for the expression of our lives.

Typical results from this work

I have worked with thousands of people over the years with a wide variety of challenges and desires. Here is a sampling of results.

  • I’ve helped people to reshape their Self/Body, producing a body of invitation and an opening for relationship and partnership. This work has led to many long-term relationships and marriages.
  • I’ve helped people repair their primary relationships, many of whom are still together and thriving today. (I’ve had the honor of performing four wedding ceremonies, two of them shared with my spouse, Madeline)
  • I’ve helped people find their calling and purpose; and supported them to declare and embrace the future they are looking for.
  • I’ve helped people establish a workable and healthy work/life balance — a priority of nearly everyone I’ve worked with.
  • I’ve helped people smoothly and gracefully transition into new leadership positions and careers.

Working with Mark truly proved to be life changing. Before I began working with him, I was driven by deep feelings of fear and inadequacy. Through our work together I have been able to embody a calm and self-assured presence that allows me to not just succeed, but enjoy life. He helped me develop the skills and understanding that I needed to encounter each new step along the journey with joy and passion. I don't know what I would have done without him. --Tammy Bowcutt, Leadership Coach

Mark is a masterful teacher and coach. In courses I have the privilege of facilitating with him, he is able to focus 1-1 with a participant and with laser-like precision he helps them unlock the deepest challenge that has been blocking their success and satisfaction. In those moments he can change the trajectory of their life. They are inevitably most grateful. --Beth Davis, Principal, Learnings for Leaders

Coaching sessions for individuals

I work with directly with individuals and often contract through organizations for individuals. There are a number of different ways to be coached:

Individual sessions: Sessions are scheduled individually. Each session is approximately 1 hour and reciprocation happens per session.

Multi-session series: A number of sessions, 6 to 12, are purchased at the beginning of the series. Within this number of sessions, a promise for a certain process of change will be made.

Integrated approach: In the integrated approach, a time period such as six months to one year is chosen for our work together. This could include visits into one’s work world, phone or Skype calls, and in-person hands-on sessions could be included.

I am also available to come to your location to work with you. At times travel for individuals is not an option. Being on-location also allows me to assess your work or personal environment and offers context for your life while doing our work together. This can be especially useful in the work environment to see how you work on teams or as a leader in your organization.

Free initial consultation

Is life requiring something different from you? If you would like to explore how Ecosomatic coaching can help you more gracefully transform and embody change, let’s talk. I offer a free initial consultation — no strings attached.


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Next Steps

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To further positive change and aliveness in individuals, couples, and organizations for the sake of abundance for all life.

“You're alive only once, as far as we know, and what could be worse than getting to the end of your life and realizing you hadn't lived it?”
― Edward Albee



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