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Ecosomatic Development Programs

There are several ways to incorporate Ecosomatic development into an organization. All offers are custom-designed related to needs and desired outcomes. Here is a sample of several possibilities.

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. —Mahatma Gandhi

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Program Details

Extended Program – Organizational Ecosomatics

According the a 2013 Leadership Development Benchmark Survey: “From all the data described above, it’s clear that the effectiveness of development programs depends on the investment of resources, development of a formal strategy, and the time needed to allow the programs—and the people in them—to mature and develop.” Multi-conference trainings offer the best results and can have many different configurations to fit your organization.

After decisions about content and outcomes, we would begin with an initial 2-4 day training to begin the re-shaping process. A focus on the basics of personal development and Speech Act Theory can be tied to current projects and responsibilities as a way to insure the training is connected to real work. This can then be tracked with learning teams, conference calls, and/or individual coaching between the first training conference and the second.

The second 1-3 day training is about tuning and supporting what has been revealed since the first training and adding new content as is relevant to outcomes. There would be a 4-6 week space of time between conferences. Continuing on the same path with learning teams, conference calls, and/or coaching, progress can be supported and tuned within the process of real work.

The third 1-3 day training, approximately 4-6 weeks from the second training, can be the completion of this portion of personal and cultural change for the organization. We would review and tune as useful, add new content as necessary, and deepen what has taken place with a serious look at what implementation and embodiment represents for the organization. There may be additional conference calls or coaching as is useful.

Below is a sample possibility of elements that can be included in an extended program:

Conference One
Intro to Ecosomatics
Shared Mission & Values
Aspects/Qualities of Self-Part 1
Engagement Part 1
Speech Acts Part 1

Conference Two
Review from Conference One
Speech Acts Part 2
Aspects/Qualities of Self-Part 2
Cultural Practices

Conference Three
Review from Conference Two
Aspects/Qualities of Self-Part 3
Business & the Natural World
Aikido in Business

Short Program – An Introduction to Ecosomatics

These one-time events ranging from 2-5 days can have a huge impact on your organization. We are happy to custom design a program to fit your needs. Although not as robust as the multi-conference model, a one-time training will produce significant changes related to organizational cultural practices and the development of individuals and teams. Still based in the elements of a shared mission, Ecosomatics as an organizational practice, and Speech Act Theory, this training is an excellent first step towards embodying new actions and practices within an organization.
Followup and follow through is essential. This can be accomplished by individual or group coaching, conference calls, and learning teams.

Below is a sample possibility of elements that can be included in an short program:

Introduction to Ecosomatics
Shared Mission & Values
Aspects/Qualities of Self
Speech Acts
Cultural Practices

Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value. —R. Buckminster Fuller

Team Development

A specialty of Mark Mooney Consulting and Ecosomatic Transformation, these events can be used to accelerate teams to the next level of excellence, to coalesce new teams into world-class performance, or to restore an existing team to high performance. Either a training within itself or as part of a longer training, team solidarity, accountability, and cooperation can accelerate performance to a new level. This is not about offering intelligent ideas, but about offering and training practices that lead to the embodiment of higher performance.

High-performance teamwork is an essential part of effective organizations. Team dynamics are different from individual dynamics and organizational dynamics. It becomes useful to have continuity in the organizations without surpassing or dampening individuality and uniqueness of teams. Within the structure of organizational and cultural practices and allowed to do so, teams will find their unique rhythm, pace, and personality. Allowing this “personality” to grow, thrive, and mature is an aspect of high performance teams.

The structure for this would be similar to the training options above. All programs are custom designed to fit the needs of the organization.

The elements of team development may include:

⦁ Ecosomatic team orientation
⦁ Shared mission and values
⦁ Communication, connection, listening
⦁ Trust
⦁ Mood management
⦁ Infusion of team practices based on organizational cultural practices

Organizational Coaching

For individuals, groups, and teams

This is a useful and sometimes essential accompaniment to organizational programs, either as part of the program itself or as a stand-alone process. Individual coaching is used to pinpoint the development of people for an accelerated shift related to the assumption of greater responsibilities within the organization, or for individual realignment to organizational practices and vision. Coaching can also be used to shift limiting behaviors and habits of those you want to invest in for the future. With Ecosomatic coaching, the whole person is taken into account and produces significant, fundamental change in individuals. Change takes time, otherwise it has a “bandaid” effect – surface shifts without meaningful change. A typical coaching process is over a six-month timeframe with promises for outcomes.

There are a number of different coaching structures. For the best outcome for individuals, we suggest a six-month package with a blend of in-person and phone sessions. It is often relevant to visit the working environment for best results. There will be clear promises and conditions of satisfaction related to outcomes.

Team or group coaching is very effective and brings a connectedness and cohesion for groups, either as learning cohort or for intact teams. The group is taken through a process of awareness of strengths and limitations (individual and group), and a process of building new skills and practices related to a background of organizational values and cultural practices. The best structure for this is similar to individual coaching — a six-month package with a blend of in-person and phone sessions with in-person visits to the workplace. There will be clear promises and conditions of satisfaction related to outcomes.

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