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An Ecosomatic Approach to Transformation

Purpose – Why I do what I do

Looking around at today’s world, it is easy to see we are in the midst of a changing environment: rapid changes in technology, political and social unrest, shifting business domains, and environmental degradation. How are we to manage ourselves, and what is the contribution to be made towards positive change?

These are important questions, and ones I have been wrestling with to discover my offer. I am sometimes overwhelmed by the view of where we are and where we could or need to be to live generatively every day. Then I remember that if I fall into an over-serious, fight-against attitude about what I see, I am losing what may be most important. That play and playfulness is the mood of the natural world!

Well, okay, then! With an attitude of fun and playfulness, how do we work together to be the world we are looking to have?

My calling is to:

  • Assist with positive transformation for organizations and individuals
  • Ease the shift into a future world that respects people, the natural world, and relationships
  • Assist in an alignment and embodiment of the values of the approaching future — personal integrity of speech and action, generative connection to others, and respect for all life

And all of this with a respect for a lightness of living, fun and playful interactions, and positive results.

My mission is to further positive transformation and aliveness in individuals, couples, families, and organizations for the sake of generativity for all life.

Why this offer

This offer will put in place purposefully chosen individual, organization, and cultural practices that will produce, over time, systemic, sustainable change. It is an investment in people and organizational cultures, experiential in nature, and creates a balance between being and doing.

The changing, shifting world is asking something of us. We are being asked to ally ourselves with the values and practices of a generative social, environmental, and economic world as if it currently exists. We are being asked to shift from the intellectual conversations, ideas, and tasks of a generative future to embodiment in action.

For those looking to explicitly heighten attention to and embody the practices of blending daily operations, coordination, and team inclusion with a deepened meaning and embodiment of triple bottom line, the Ecosomatic orientation provides these outcomes.

“Look! Look! Look deep into nature and you will understand everything.” –Albert Einstein

Components of Ecosomatic Offers

Spending the last 20 years working in a variety of types and sizes of organizations, I am dismayed and surprised (probably shouldn’t be) to recurrently see the patterns of breakdowns and heaviness in organizations. It seems more unusual to see fun and playfulness in the place we are usually spending the most of our time in our day.

Attending to the following components can fundamentally change mood, efficiency, and productivity.

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My Offers

I provide custom programs, organizational coaching and team development. All programs are custom designed for effectiveness and optimal results. Below are examples of program possibilities.

 Long Program

Longer, multi-conference trainings offer the best results and can have many different configurations to fit your organization. Sessions separated by 4-8 weeks is optimum.

 Short Program

These one-time events ranging from 2-5 days can have a huge impact on your organization. We are happy to custom design a program to fit your needs.

• Team Development

A specialty of Mark Mooney Consulting, these events can be used to accelerate teams to the next level of excellence, to coalesce new teams into world-class performance, or to restore an existing team to high performance.

• Organizational Coaching

This is a great accompaniment to organizational programs, either as part of the program itself or as a stand-alone process.

Want to learn more about our offers?