Expand Your Lived Experienced of an Embodied Connection to the Fullness of Life


Embody an Ecosomatic Life

Living an Ecosomatic life encompasses an ongoing process of embodied change (somatics) with an ecological conscience to live in satisfaction and fulfillment with a deep connection to all life. – Mark Mooney

The Vision: Humans live a generative lifestyle with behaviors and practices elevating all life.

Ecosomatics connects deeply to the essence of values, morals, ethics and standards to the extent that those values can be lived and embodied. This means that one's actions, habits, and practices as a whole are aligned, lived, and expressed by how one relates and cares for each other, and with respect and care for all life. It suggest that we live and organize all aspects of our life as part of, and not separate from, the natural world  in accordance to values that regard all life as sacred.


The Offer

This is a four-day, in-person experiential program

You will learn:

How to practice and live an embodied connection to all life
Practices for deep connection to one’s humanness
To have a strong connection to your senses
Lifestyle practices – related to generative vs consumption
New possibilities of our shared humanness
How to practice a strong alignment to your energy to be able to align to universal energy
Self-management – life on purpose
A balanced feeling self – emotions and sensate
Process of personal change
Appropriate use of ceremony
How to align with your new sense of universal connection into the future


Dates: dates in 2024 to be determined

Registration to be open January 2024

For a conversation to learn more about this program, contact Mark Mooney


Read: The History of Our Separateness (link)




The cultivation and art of living the wholeness of our humanity in all aspects of life.



“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing (them)self.”

Leo Tolstoy





"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another."

Mahatma Gandhi