How to Live and Maintain an Enduring and Thriving Relationship

What is required to live a vibrant, healthy, generative, long-lasting relationship?

Why is relationship work important to us? We have been blessed with a willing partnership allowing us to explore and evolve our relationship in ways that allows for each other’s full expression of who we are, and to ongoingly live in a generative relationship. We know it is possible to have a relationship that is fun, supportive, vibrant, and passionate and can endure over time. We have been together for since 1978 and make no mistake! It takes work.

By curiously observing and researching relationships, there is often a hopefulness that things will work out with less than the necessary skill and effort expended to ensure success. There are ways to create, live, and support generative, long lasting relationships.

From a place of professional experience and competency – between us we have over 50 years of coaching experience and personal development work. With a divorce rate of 40%-50%, with a cost of $6 billion dollars a year to the US economy, and the personal cost to individuals and children related to their well-being, we see there can be a change. We are committed to supporting couples who are willing to make the effort to live a generative relationship and have produced a method and process of somatic coaching for couples.

Who does one need to be and what are the most useful skills and practices?

Mark Mooney and Madeline Wade

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Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez