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Embodying the skills practices by High Performance Teams

Humanity in High-Performance Teams Workshop

Learn the practices of High-Performance Teams and how to develop and maintain these high-performing teams in all its current forms.

Why are we offering this program?

We live in a world that seems to restrict the full expression of our humanness. We often shape ourselves to be who we are supposed to be, to act like we should, both personally and professionally. We ask, how do we become fully who we are in every aspect of our lives for the sake of satisfaction and fulfilment?

The purpose of this body of work is to create workplaces in which people act with integrity and dignity and can expect dignity and integrity in return. This offers a space, a community, where authenticity, honesty, safety, growth, and the creation of generative relationships happens. A place where together we can express the most generative qualities of our humanness, fully expressing and living who we really are, and create extraordinary results while living fulfilling professional and personal lives. With these dynamics in place, we are able to fully be ourselves, feel alive, have a life of meaning, and the freedom of a choiceful existence. We know this is possible, we offer it to you.


Leading and being on teams can be challenging, even more so at this moment in time. There have been a lot of changes in how we work and connect with others.

Consider your “team” experiences:

Do you have a feeling of isolation?

Does communication and reaching out to others seem clunky and unnatural?

Do you find it difficult to be accountable and hold others accountable?

How do you manage conflict?

What´s the impact of not hanging out in person with other people?

How do we be alive, authentic and human in any setting?

How do you reach mastery at working in teams in the virtual world?

How do you lead a virtual team and how do team members need to show up?

Fundamentally…how will you work in this new reality?

Humanity in High-Performance Teams

You are invited to participate in an exciting eight-part virtual workshop where you will learn:

  • Sustainable practices of High-Performance Teams
  • New skills for the current reality
  • New practices for individuals and teams
  • The skills and practices of self-mastery
  • Who you need to be to generate optimal results for yourself and others?
  • How to live satisfaction and fulfillment on teams

High-performance teams and team meetings can be shaped and organized through a definitive culture and a set of practices that offers authenticity and sustainable relationships designed for ultimate effectiveness. This happens by living our full humanness and addressing these common breakdowns:

  • Developing trust among team members
  • Being accountable and holding others accountable
  • Having effective and efficient meetings
  • Lack of effective communication and coordination
  • Addressing conflict
  • Lack of a sustainable team culture
  • The skill of being authentic humans in virtual settings
  • The skill of self-management

This workshop will be addressing these issues and more by offering unique content, going beyond just concepts and ideas. The facilitators’ process of change is based in Somatic Methodology which emphasizes the practical application of ideas into practices, embodied skills, and actions.

There will be limited pre-reading to prepare for the workshop and limited homework between sessions. This workshop will be held in English and each meeting will last four hours.

For questions: Contact Susanna Lindblom at

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The video below offers insights into this program and its facilitators. View this to receive more information about the program.

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Susanna Lindblom

I am a certified leadership and somatic coach.

For over 13 years, I have coached and trained hundreds of executives in Fortune 50 companies, government organizations and start-ups all over the world.

My background includes 17+ years of business experience holding senior-level management positions in major global organizations such as BP Oil and UNISYS, before deciding to focus on Leadership and Personal Transformation.

I have a deep understanding of the challenges of working in high-pressure environments.

For more information about Susanna and her offers, visit

Mark Mooney


Mark Mooney

I am a leadership and personal development training facilitator, Master Somatic Coach, and personal transformation master teacher.

I specialize in creating depth for individuals, couples, teams, and organizations that leads to fundamental, sustainable change.

I have been coaching and consulting since 1997, and have had the honor and pleasure of teaching and consulting in the US, the UK, China, Singapore and India.

For more information about Mark and his offers, visit